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Radiation therapy typically involves aiming strong beams of radiation at cancer cells to stop them from growing or to destroy them completely. Radiation therapy is not considered a first-line treatment for ovarian cancer, which means that most people with this condition will not undergo this treatment. However, in certain instances, radiation therapy can be an effective way to treat cancer and control pain.

Impact on Fertility
If you have radiation for ovarian cancer, it is likely to affect your ability to conceive a child. If you want a child in the future, talk to your doctor about the risks that radiation might pose to your fertility.

Intended Outcomes
The goal of radiation therapy is to eradicate existing ovarian cancer cells, prevent new cancer cells from forming, and reduce pain.

Radiation therapy is typically painless and only lasts a short period, but as with any therapy for cancer, it does come with some risks. During your treatment period, you may experience side effects including fatigue, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, vaginal irritation, and skin changes similar to a sunburn.

Talk to your oncology team if you’re experiencing side effects so they can help you manage these symptoms effectively.

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